Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Today, I decided to get warmed up in the studio by crafting a set of "Tweet!" cards. I have loads of sheet music that I've been including in my collages from time to time. It makes a nice back drop for happy thoughts, like spring, birds chirping, and sunny weather. additional bonus when the perfect sentiment is included in the music!

"...with a sweet and singing tone."
The Perfect Sentiment!

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Andrew Finnie said...

Hey Stacia, how cool is this? It adds another dimension hey? And you just solved one of my problems _ I was hunting for one of those windy things that make tinny music when you wind the handle - to attach to the box of an artist's book - but now I don't need one!

so thanks! :)

BTW your artist profile isn't enabled so when you maike a post on another blog then people can't backtrack you to your own blog to say nice things about you :) :)