Thursday, July 21, 2011

Altered Book - Project 3 (WIP)

I would have had project 3 done yesterday, but I ran into a major problem. Gluing vellum. Who knew? I certainly didn't. Below is the mess I made, and thankfully, was able to fix.

Puffs of Smoke
Bad Vellum!

So, what did I learn? Right away, I learned that vellum curls and buckles, not adhering to the paper surface like I thought it should. I continued gluing more onto the page hoping that I would get some cool effect, but I did not. So, I learned not to use wet glue, like gel medium. I haven't explored other options, but I read that spray adhesive may work. I have sticky dots, but I don't know how that will work with the translucency I want.

I got VERY lucky by starting this on a signature page not backed by other artwork. I was able to tear out this page, along with it's corresponding other half (in the signature) without too much fuss. I redid my collage work and prepped the background to match the other side of the spread. Now, to start again.

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