Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project 42 of 365

Thrift Shop Find
$60 cabinet for $12!

I found this bathroom cabinet at the local Thrift Store for super cheap and with very little damage. It had minor nicks and some discoloration, but overall, it was in pretty good shape. I decided to collage music sheets over the surface to hide the flaws and make a unique piece.

Getting a Face Lift
Medium Gel and Sheets of Music

In hindsight, I probably should have sanded the smooth surface or even primed it, but I jumped in with my brush and gel medium first off. We'll see if this was a crucial mistake on my part after someone takes a shower and the hole thing peels off...I'll just keep my fingers crossed that it wears well.

Drying Phase
Partially Done!

The musice notes around the mirror are not applied yet and I still need to collage around the towel bar. Otherwise, this first phase is done and it will be completely covered. After it dries overnight, I'll finish collaging and then, allow more drying time before phase two.

Phase two will be a light coat of paint, like a wash. I'd still like the music notes to show through, but not be overly busy. 

Phase three, hang this bad boy.

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