Sunday, March 21, 2021

One Massive List of Character Flaws...Over 450!

Character flaws are not physical descriptions like being overly hairy, wearing dirty socks, or having one leg. Instead, character flaws are what drives characters through their story via their internal ard (If you want to dig deeper into this, check out a Discovering Story Magic workshop).
"Everyone has baggage and flaws. It's how they choose
to deal with it is their character." ~ Unknown
 The protagonist needs to overcome their flaw in order to succeed against the antagonist and to show internal growth by the story's end, so choosing the right flaw is very important. It helps define what your story is ultimately about.

Some will argue that most of these words defy my definition in the first paragraph, but they are the first step in offering a spark of inspiration or working as a starting point in a drill down by always asking the question...why? Why is the character a kleptomaniac? What do they need, fear, or believe that causes them to have this affliction? Using the example I mentioned above, is the disability of only having one leg a character flaw? No, but the character's feelings or beliefs about having one leg is, and this is what the hero needs to overcome when entering the ring with the villain.
Get your imaginations ready, and check out over four-hundred and fifty flaws below! Let the fun begin...


Abandoned, Abrasive, Absent-minded, Abusive, Acts superior, Addicted, Addled, Adulterous, Aggressive, Aimless, Alcoholic, Aloof, Angry, Antisocial, Anxious, Apathetic, Arrogant, Artificial, Authoritarian, Avoiding, Awkward

Bad negotiator, Belligerent, Biased, Bigmouth, Bigot, Bitchy, Bitter, Blames others, Blunt, Boastful, Bold, Boring, Bossy, Boorish, Bratty

Calculating, Callous, Careless, Catty, Caustic, Center of attention, Changeable, Charmless, Chatter-box, Cheap, Childish, Close-minded, Clumsy, Coarse, Cocky, Cold-hearted, Combative, Competitive, Complacent, Compulsive, Conceited, Condemnatory, Confident, Confrontational, Conservative, Controlling, Covetous, Cowardly, Crafty, Crazy, Critical, Cruel, Cunning, Cynical

Day-dreamer, Defensive, Defiant, Delusional, Demanding, Denying, Dependent, Depressed, Desperate, Despondent, Destructive, Detached, Dictator, Difficult, Directionless, Dirty, Disabled, Disapproving, Dishonest, Disloyal, Disorderly, Disorganized, Disrespectful, Disruptive, Distant Distracted, Doesn’t listen, Dogmatic, Dreamer, Driven, Drug-addicted, Dull

Easily offended, Easily swayed, Egocentric, Egotistical, Emotional, Enervated, Entitlement, Envious, Erratic, Evasive, Evil, Excitable, Extravagant, Extreme

Facetious, Failure, Faithless, Fake, Fanatical, Fastidious, Fearful, Fickle, Fierce, Flaky, Flippant, Flirty, Follower, Foolish, Forgetful, Frail, Frivolous, Frugal, Fussy

Gloomy, Gluttonous, Goal-oriented, Gossipy, Greedy, Grim, Grumpy, Guarded, Gullible

Harsh, Hateful, Haughty, Headstrong, Hedonistic, Hesitant, High social standing, High-strung, Holds grudges, Homicidal, Hostile, Hubristic, Humorless, Hypochondriac, Hypocritical

Idealistic, Ignorant, Ill-behaved, Ill-tempered, Immature, Impatient, Impious, Impolite, Impoverished, Impractical, Impressionable, Impulsive, Inadequate, Inattentive, Incompetent, Inconsiderate, Indecisive, Indifferent, Indulgent, Inefficient, Inept, Inexperienced, Inferiority-complex, Inflexible, Inhibited, Insecure, Insensitive, Insincere, Insulting, Intolerant, Irresponsible

Jealous, Judgmental

Killjoy, Kleptomaniac, Know-it-all

Lacking initiative, Lacking skills, Languid, Lazy, Lewd, Liar, Liberal, Listless, Lofty goals, Lonesome, Loud, Low social status, Low self-esteem, Lustful

Machiavellian, Macho, Malicious, Manipulative, Masochistic, Materialistic, Mean, Mechanical, Meddlesome, Meek, Megalomaniac, Melodramatic, Merciless, Messy, Meticulous, Mischievous, Miserable, Miserly, Mistrusting, Modest, Moody, Morbid, Mouthy, Murderous

Nag, Naïve, Narcissistic, Narrow-minded, Nasty, Naughty, Needy, Negative, Neglectful, Nervous, Neurotic, No direction, Non-adventurous, Non-receptive, Non-supportive, Nosy, Not detail-oriented

Obnoxious, Obsessive, Obstinate, Offends easily, Offhand, Opinionated, Oppressive, Ostentatious, Outrageous, Outsider, Over-achiever, Over-reacts, Over-critical, Over-sensitive, Over-ambitious, Over-confident, Over-dramatic, Over-emotional, Overly affectionate, Overly optimistic, Over-protective, Over-zealous

Paranoid, Partier, Party-animal, Passive, Patronizing, Perfectionist, Pessimistic, Petty, Phobic, Picky, Player, Playful, Plodding, Pompous, Poor planner, Poser, Possessive, Practical, Predatory, Predictable, Prejudice, Pretentious, Prideful, Prim, Prissy, Procrastinating, Promiscuous, Prudish, Psychotic, Puritanical, Pushy, Pyromaniac


Rebellious, Reckless, Remorseless, Resentful, Responsible, Results-oriented, Ridiculous, Rigid, Risk-taker, Roguish, Rowdy, Ruthless

Sadist, Sadomasochist, Sanctimonious, Savagery, Scatterbrained, Scattered, Scornful, Secretive, Self-centered, Self-deprecating, Self-destructive, Self-giving, Self-important, Self-indulgent, Self-martyr, Self-righteous, Selfish, Selfless, Sensitive, Serious, Shallow, Shameful, Shameless, Short-tempered, Shy, Sickly, Skeptical, Sleazy, Slovenly, Slow, Sly, Small-minded, Smart Ass, Sneaky, Snobbish, Snoopy, Snooty, Soft-hearted, Somber, Sordid, Sore loser, Spendthrift, Spies, Spineless, Spiteful, Squeamish, Stagnant, Static, Status-conscious, Steals, Stingy, Stressed, Stubborn, Stupid, Submissive, Subservient, Superficial, Superiority-complex,
Superstitious, Surly, Suspicious

Tactless, Talkative, Tardy, Tasteless, Tedious, Temperamental, Tense, Thief, Thoughtless, Thrifty, Timid, Touchy, Tough, Traitor, Treacherous, Troublemaker, Truculent, Trusting

Unaccomplished, Unappreciative, Unbalanced, Unbending Uncaring, Uncharitable, Uncommitted, Uncommunicative, Unconventional, Uncooperative, Uncouth, Undependable, Undisciplined, Unethical, Unfair, Unfaithful, Unfeeling, Unfocused, Unforgiving, Unfriendly, Ungrateful, Unimaginative, Uninformed, Unintelligent, Unkempt, Unkind, Unlucky, Unmotivated, Unpredictable, Unreasonable, Unreliable, Unresponsive, Unrestrained, Unscrupulous, Unstable, Unsure, Unsympathetic, Untidy, Untrustworthy, Unworldly, User

Vague, Vain, Vengeful, Verbose, Vicious, Vindictive, Violent, Vision-less, Volatile, Vulnerable, Vulgar

Wasteful, Weak, Weak-willed, Whiny, Wild, Willful, Wimpy, Withdrawn, Workaholic, Worry wart, Wrathful




Thursday, February 11, 2021

March 2021 Reading Challenge: "F" Words

Reading "F" Titles for March

Let's get a jump start on the next reading challenge with "F" words! Everyone's got a favorite and mine is currently Finneus, the title of a new release by Jeffrey A. Pitts. I have to confess, I've already read and enjoyed it. So much so, I wrote a blurb to sum things up: 

"Delve into Montana’s formidable back country with a scarred man whose vicious history won’t stay in the past. It’s a mix of survival fiction, unwavering suspense, and romance…fierce as it is tender.”


Finneus by Jeffrey A. Pitts

It's a five-star read that looks AWESOME, if I do say so myself, and yes, I'm totally bragging, because I designed the front cover using the beautiful photo taken by Teresa Fox. Needless to say, it inspired my next reading challenge: "F" words in the titles. Let's get started...

1.) Survival and suspense: Finneus by Jeffrey A. Pitts

2.) Writing Craft: Fast Fiction by Denise Jaden

3.) Young Adult Paranormal: Fallen by Lauren Kate 

4.) Romance: Fair Play by Deirdre Martin

5.) Motivational Self-Help: Find the Good by Heather Lende

6.) Young Adult Romance: Five Ways to Fall Out of Love by Emily Martin (to be released March 16, 2021)

I've got quite an "F" stack to read through, and I'm looking forward to it, too! My weekend is all booked.


"F" Books and a Heart Corner-Bookmark
"Friday: My second favorite 'F' word."

Thursday, February 04, 2021

New at the ESPIALdesign Etsy Shop

The ESPIALdesign Etsy shop has had a busy 2021 so far, shipping orders to Eastern Washington, Alaska, Virginia, and Arizona! The support for my art and my little shop really means a lot, so thanks again, and know that the proceeds will go to funding my next book with editing and proofreading costs. I have to draw, cut, and glue so I can keep writing. A rough life, I know.

Now, it's time to stock those shelves. I had to think twice about selling the alien blackout-poem originals because they're some of my absolute favorites. But then, why keep 'em when they're published in my first book collection, Sounds Complicated? So, I made them a bundle to keep them together and included pictures below. Check them out and stay tuned! There's more to come.

Aliens (set of 4)

 Preparedness 101
"He'd forgotten how to keep his head from popping off in outer space.
Why was he here again?"
My Space

"It meant something good when it was over.
I need my space."

"Careful. Something was in the air...something pitter-pattering like a heart."
It's Complicated

"He ordered a large side of feeling and the avoidance maneuver roll
since they were sharing a can of love."

Friday, January 01, 2021

Fabulous Five: Favorite Reads for 2020

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Whew! One tough year in review since I scrambled to the one hundred mark just in the nick of time. Was it lack of focus? Was it the difficulty getting library books with Governor Jay Inslee's lockdown? Was it the more-than-usual people milling around the house during the day? 

I dunno, but all the same, I managed and lined up my top five favorites for 2020. Check 'em out:




Meet my new friend, Gretel, who's got a recommendation of her own:
A bonus NONFICTION read:

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Sharing Books with Little Free Libraries: Columbia River Gorge, Part 2

Columbia River Gorge...been there and done that, but I don't mind doing it again. Donating books that is. With a short stack of my latest, Hanging Around for You, and some fresh corner bookmarks, I did the rounds. First stop was on the Washington side of things...

White Salmon, WA
SE Wyers Street

Then we crossed that crazy, narrow Hood River bridge to the Oregon side and made our way to the Rockford area, passing the beautiful Marchesi Vineyards and Winery to find this gem, "I brake for Little Free Libraries." A new one for me...

Hood River, OR - Inside
Alameda Road

Hood River, OR - Outside
Alameda Road
Hood River, OR
Montello Avenue

Afterward, we drove the winding stretch of I84 alongside the Columbia River rapids to the city of The Dalles. With two more books in hand, we chose to donate to these cute libraries: one by the high school and one made out of metal, holding the American flag.

The Dalles, OR
East 10th Street

The Dalles, OR
West Scenic Drive


"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy."~ Rumi

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Free eBook on Amazon...Today Only!

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Today only on Amazon!

Free ebook alert! Hanging Around for You is available on Amazon today only, expiring at midnight. Grab a copy and enjoy a young adult romance with a side of gingerbread house, and I mean that literally.

See, the family had every intention of decorating the cookie ski chalet from my childhood cookbook, given to me in 1976 by my grandparents. Oh, how I used to love baking and cooking! I made this when I was a kid and wanted to recreate a similar experience for the holidays with my favorite peeps...

Cookie Ski Chalet, page 40
Earlier, we stirred up the dough, measured and cut the pieces, baked them, and then right before the frosting and decorating...well, all I can say is: FAIL.
2020 Gingerbread House...Yum!
Not a fail like last year when the dog climbed on the table and demolished our decorated houses made from a kit. No...a fail like we made the gingerbread from scratch. Big mistake! We were just too tempted to indulge. Nobody cared to play around with the candies and pretzels when molasses-flavored walls were under our noses. After a quick vote, we all agreed...let's eat!

So good...nom, nom, nom.

The moral of the story? Go eat a gingerbread house and read my book, Hanging Around for You.

Oh...and please support my writing by leaving an Amazon review! So very appreciated. :)

Merry Christmas, ya'll!


"The essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail." ~Anon


Monday, December 14, 2020

Sharing Books with Little Free Libraries: Lake Hills, Bellevue, WA

Books and Stuff

I've geared up for the giving season by making holiday-themed corner bookmarks, sorting through tree ornaments, and pulling together a book pile. It's the perfect time of year to donate to those cute Little Free Libraries. South Bellevue, here I come...

"Garden rules: Listen to the birds, feel the breeze, read a book, take a nap, sip a drink...relax."
SE 43rd Street

Dealing with Blue
"Popeye's Little Library of Eastgate"
149th Ave SE
"Robinswood Readery"
151st Ave SE
Lake Hills
158th Place SE

145th Avenue SE

147th Place NE