Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Newly Released! Hanging Around for You

It's a 2020 New Release party where politics rage on, no one is invited, and toilet paper is in short supply (c'mon, that was so last March). Because, y'know...Covid. It's the same reason that SCBWI is nearly a month late mentioning their award winners.

Hence, I'm getting "holding pattern" fatigue with my latest book, Hanging Around for You. It's been a button-push away from publication for weeks while I wait for SCBWI, the election, the pandemic, asteroids...

How close is a buzz-cut?

Okay, never mind. I don't have to wait for asteroids anymore, and that being the case, then I don't have to wait to publish. I can do what I want because that's the beauty of being independent. So...BOOM! Done. It's out there, people. Released into the wild...

Want to read a young adult love story where an abandoned girl lies to hide a grievous secret about her narcissistic mother only to catch the attention of the mysterious new kid at school? Oh, man, is he cute! But he seems like a big liar himself...very "sus." Lol.


"Waiting for the right time...to do the wrong thing."

Check it out and leave a review if you want. I've heard those things help authors on the Amazon front...but then it's 2020. What do I know about anything?


Remember when this was funny?
Yeah...not so much anymore.
"One day, she realized that she was the only one who could live her life..."

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Book #3: Final Sneak Peak

One step closer to publication time with a cover reveal! Book three, Hanging Around for You, is wrapped up with a pinecone and an aura of colors...

Hanging Around for You
Waiting for the right time...to do the wrong thing. 

"Abandoned by her narcissistic mother, Pinecone Rudd (16) struggles with truth and trust in a small PNW town. She’s lying and building walls to hide a grievous secret only to have things come crashing down when the mysterious new kid at school takes an interest." (see more)


"...it has a Riverdale setting plus humor and romantic adventure along with the danger aspect of the biker gang that would appeal to YA." ~Note from an anonymous PNWA Lit Contest judge