Sunday, February 27, 2011

Craft Published in Cloth Paper Scissors!

Cloth Paper Scissors Cover
March/April 2011 Issue

My Deux Pois Bakery confections were a contest finalist for a reader challenge hosted by Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. The challenge was called "All Buttoned Up" and needed to showcase the obvious, buttons!

It was a great surprise to receive my copy of the magazine in the mail before it even hit the news stand! I didn't know they were going to gift me a free copy. And I got a double feature...the contents page and the feature article. How sweet is that?

Cloth Paper Scissors
Contents Page 3

Cloth Paper Scissors
Feature Page 79

Monday, February 07, 2011

Color Acuity Test

Instead of working on my very important project, I wandered down internet lane in discovery of more information about the eyes' rods and cones. I wanted to leave a pithy comment on Andrew Finnie's post regarding this subject, but instead, lost myself in a hue test at

I'm happy to report that from the range 0 being perfect color acuity to 99 being pretty low...I got a whopping 7! Apparently, I have a minor deficiency in the aqua range...which if funny, because aqua is my favorite color. I love what I don't know, apparently.

Take the test and feel those rods vibrate!