Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ain't No Chicken!

Owl at Home
Digital Collage

I just finished this paper collage turned digital collage today. FINALLY! It's been sitting on my desk for months...and piece by painful piece, it has clicked together like a puzzle to tell Owl's story.

Too bad Illustration Friday's theme this week is "chicken." I'd've really liked to give owl the debut he deserves. Alas, he is alone.

Below is the actual collage piece that I had to scan in two passes. As one can see, I did not pay attention to the light direction and had to rework Owl's eyes in the digital version. I was going to hang the original, but those eyes are really going to bug me.

Owl at Home
Paper Collage: Scan 1

Owl at Home
Paper Collage: Scan 2