Sunday, December 14, 2008

Production Mode

The Production Line

Up Close and Personal

I was in need of some 'thank you' cards and went into production mode. I have a play pen set up in my studio with toys and pillows to keep the little ones occupied while I try to be creative. They both like to get into everything BUT their toys and pillows. Big sigh. I like having them with me but I don't get much accomplished.

I kept the cards simple so that I could work on them quickly and have a finished product under my belt. I used scrapbook paper, stamps and ink, a flower punch, acrylic paint and Yes paste. Done and done!

First 'Thank You' Batch

Bumble Bee and Lady Bug
Thank You cards

I forgot to share my earlier 'thank you' cards made in September. The cards were created for a bumble bee and ladybug themed party.