Monday, November 23, 2009

Western WA Scrapbook Retreat

My Group
Left: Lisa, Katherine (not shown)
Right: Ginger, and my table (front)

The WWS retreat took place at Fort Worden near Port Townsend, WA. A beautiful setting for three days of creative time. If one didn't find the place inspiring, then surely the car pool adventure or the ferry ride would do. It was a fabulous getaway coming, being, and going. Finally, some time for myself to just be, just create, or just engage with like minded souls. I will definitely return as there was something special about being with friends, meeting new people, and just plain having time!

Our Room
One of Many!

Last I heard there were 112 participants spread throughout the two story building taking up multiple working rooms. Accommodations were in old barracks with single or double bedrooms. These rooms were very basic and "institutional" looking...adding to the rustic allure. Shared bathrooms and having my friends just down the hall...well, it reminded me of college dorm living. Good times.

"Let it snow!"
Christmas Cards 2009

When I first arrived, I decided to work on my Christmas cards to get me in the groove. Something pre-planned where I could plug away and enjoy the surroundings. They were time intensive with little pieces to glue for 32 cards. But this time, I truly felt like it was more about the process and less about the final product. It was meditative.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ginger's Memories...

Ginger's Memories

Not just an empty box, "Ginger's Memories" is quite full! I created this collage box to capture memories for Ginger's 40th birthday party, themed Back in Black. Guests brought items to include, such as matchbooks and coasters, a banana comb straight from the 80s, the Back in Black album by AC/DC, pictures, postcards from Ginger's many travels, and pertinent aging quotes.

A Collage Box

I tore a map of Rome and newspaper pages into strips and adhered with medium gel gloss. After it was dry, I sponge painted over the strips with brown and black acrylic paints, then decorated with stickers and die cut shapes. I sealed everything in place with another coat of medium gel gloss, giving it a smooth finish. I lined the box with maps from Prague and Budapest. I'm sure Travel Girl has a lot of memories to store so this box should get lots of use.

Happy Birthday, Ginger!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Card Swap

Just a note!
Made with music, Espial Design

I'm attending the Western Washington Scrapbook Retreat next weekend for 3 days of dedicated creative time. I'm not a scrapbooker intrinsically, although I do enjoy making my own greeting cards.

To get into the groove, I signed up for the event's card swap. My inspiration was my piano. I've never been very good and don't have an ear for music, but I enjoy plunking on the keys once in the while. I have TONS of sheet music from my Grandma, my Aunt Judy, and my mom. I went through it yesterday to see what could be deemed collage worthy and found some goodies to cut up for my project.

I made 14 cards in total.