Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fiction Notes!

While trying to find editor names to put on my query letters, I found another gem. Darcy Pattison offers some great insight into writing and submitting!

Cynthea Lui also has a list of editors that may or may not be up to date...a starting point at least!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Project 43 of 365

Choose Your Burden
Project 43 of 365

I was thinking about things that people don't usually like about themselves...shy, short, bald, big toes. Then I wondered if people shouldn't just be happy with whatever their burden is...because they probably took it from someone else...they SAVED someone from that particular burden. There are only so many burdens available...and someone had to have it. Own it!

Made me think of shopping in a shoe store, picking one that you could live with...and, hey! Wouldn't you know it? They're on sale.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Literary Agents

Simon & Schuster only accepts submissions from an agent, yet, on their site they were kind enough to post a list of where to start looking for this type of creature. Here is the list of resources:

Literary Marketplace
Book Pitch
Writer Space
Writers Net
Poets & Writers
Writer's Digest

Monday, August 06, 2012

Writing the Dreaded Query Letter

I wrapped up my synopsis, a double spaced one page summary of my 12-chapter book in 5 easy paragraphs. OY! I feel like a whittler, carving out text. I just hope I succeeded. I'll let my writ-crit group have first whack at it, then I'll probably do the whole thing over again. I found Jan Field's article, "The Pain Free Synopsis" helpful.

But, while that's waiting in the wings, I need to work on a query letter. I found some great resources:

Nathan Bransford's blog
Harold Underdown's blog: The Purple Crayon
Writing for Children & Teens by Cynthea Liu