Sunday, November 12, 2006

Illustration Friday: Clear

Gobbler with Cobbler
Turkey started to clear the table but found a piece of distraction.

I'm getting ready for the next holiday! Gobbler with Cobbler is a digital collage and will be my Thanksgiving image for cards this year. I don't usually do cards for this holiday...but since this image is done, why not?

I decided to make it fit Illustration Friday's theme, clear, this week. Clear has so many different meanings that clearing the table didn't seem like a far stretch for the Gobbler...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Graphic Artists Guild Postcard

Graphic Artists Guild postcard

My postcard was finally printed, mailed and delivered today. The image I chose is titled Waiting For Inspiration and is a paper and digital collage illustration. I created it as a self promotional piece.

As a featured artist on the Northern California GAG website, I was given the opportunity to use my artwork in a GAG sponsored mailing. The postcard was mailed to publishers, GAG members, and other industry professionals and was an awesome marketing effort. It markets my work as an illustrator and invites members and the industry community to monthly luncheons held at Lulu's restaurant in San Francisco.

I was an active volunteer on the GAG luncheon committee for a brief while. Just recently I have found a new position as the featured artist postcard coordinator. I worked with PsPrint, an online print service, and received excellent customer service and final product. I'm already looking forward to the next featured artist's postcard.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Illustration Friday: Smoke

In the Pink Dragon's Lair

I was going to make an intense looking Chinese dragon...but came across this cool pink paper and...voila! A floating pink dragon roasting marshmallows. I can never stay too serious! In the Pink Dragon's Lair is an all paper collage with digital effects. Charred marshmallow anyone?