Monday, July 30, 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Writing Away

I've been reading up on screenwriting and story development to help me layout a good story arc for my children's chapter book stories. I've read several books that are worth mentioning:
Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need by Blake Snyder
Teach Yourself Screenwriting by Raymond Frensham
How to Write a Damn Good Novel by James Frey
Writing Dialogue by Tom Chiarella
I just finished Save the Cat! and Mr. Snyder mentioned that having a board to pin story elements to helps identify where the holes are. He suggests to tack as much to the board as you can, so you can delve into writing with know where to start and where it's going.

He also urges screenwriters to write a logline before they get started. This is a VERY short summary (28 words or less) of your story. The Cracking Yarns blog was very helpful in this area and contains lots of other useful information too.

The Board

The Board - details

I've written and revised my first chapter book and will be sending it out to agents/editors that visited the last SCBWI Western WA conference last April and are accepting solicitations from attendees. While that's in the cooker, I've already started my second book and wanted to try using the board as Mr. Snyder suggested.

I have it all tacked I need to start writing. Once I get cracking on that, then I'll know if spending the time writing, tacking, moving, and eliminating index cards was worth it. So far, I'd say it was a worthwhile exercise.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guaca Mole

Guaca Mole sketch
Project 40 of 365

Memories like elephants! My girls were reminding me that I had told them about some of the stuffed animals I had when I was a kid. They are going through the stuffed animal phase right now. Anyway, they wanted to know more about Guaca Mole, a stuffed animal I had that squeaked when I shook it.

I told them I didn't know why I had gotten rid of Guaca Mole. He used to be one of my favorites, even when  his squeaker stopped working. But for some reason, he has moved on. I drew them a quick sketch of what he used to look like.

Guaca Mole
Project 41 of 365

Later, Guaca Mole still on my mind, I digitally dabbed on some color and texture. I wonder where Guaca's adventures took him?

Project 39 of 365

Fairy House
Repair and Painting Project - #39

A month ago, this little house sported bare weathered wood and a missing shingle. Back in its hay-day, it was painted all white with a green roof, sitting on a white post.

To fix the missing shingle, I sawed an old paint stirring stick to the correct length and nailed it in place. I coated the house and roof with primer, then dug through my house paint stash. I pulled out the cans labeled shutter paint, master bathroom walls, and fireplace. I up-cycled the latex paint and gave the fairy house a fresh look.

Fairy House

Friday, July 20, 2012

Project 38 of 365

Project 38

I bought Creating Characters with Personality by Tom Bancroft and reviewed it last night. I puttered with a few doodles from the book.

Project 37 of 365

Ballerina Bunny
Project 37

I'm very behind in my illustrating projects, but for a very good reason. My writing has been in the front of my mind. I'm still working through revisions and having my book reviewed by a few readers for feedback. And, I'm already thinking of my next chapter book! Writing has become my latest addiction. When I sit at my computer, I write!

Back to the task at hand, illustrating! We went camping last weekend, so to honor my 365 project, I drew a ballerina bunny in the sand.