Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Card Swap

Susan Neal's "Printed Cake" Birthday Card
Paper Crafts Magazine, Issue April/May 2007, Page 100

My Version
Happy Birthday Cake Card

The Western Washington Scrapbooking Retreat is right around the corner! My mind is pondering what to pack and bring while my hands are busy making 25 of these "Happy Birthday Cake" cards. Twenty of these are needed for the card swap during the retreat weekend. I thought while I was at it, I'd make a few extra for myself. Lots of birthdays coming up!

I was inspired by Susan Neal's "Printed Cake" card but made a few changes for myself. I used brown paper instead of black...thinking of chocolate. I added the "Happy Birthday" stamp to it since my text didn't specifically say it. I also scrapped the brad in favor of dimensional paint dots. Brads don't mail well and I love-love-love putting dots on my stuff. It's very therapeutic!

Here are the cards I've done for the past couple retreats:
A Single Daisy Can Be My Garden (2010)
Just a Note (2009)