Monday, July 28, 2008

Seven Deadly Sins (Lust)


I started the Seven Deadly Sins awhile ago and was stumped on what to do for I allowed myself to be distracted by other things and kind of forgot about finishing this project! After I read Inspire Me Thursdays theme last week of Polka Dots, I took what I started for Greed and changed it into a lusty, freckled monster octopus instead. It turned into Lust and is the 6th monster I've created to date. The elusive Greed is the only one left! Want to see the others? They're here:
See all of them here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

NPR's 2009 Calendar Illustration
Illustration Friday: Enough

Listener from Outer Space

Hello! I'm surfacing briefly from house hunting to share my latest work assignment, an illustration for NPR's 2009 calendar, due tomorrow.

Here's the assignment:
"NPR has always represented audio excellence and great in-depth news reporting. Our reports not only foster intelligent discourse, they also often elicit imagery in the minds of our audience. We want you to put that on paper. Here is a choice of questions your art may answer:

* What does your personal NPR experience look like?

* How does NPR affect your life or your community?

* Six key verbs help characterize the NPR experience across today’s media platforms: Share, Connect, Think, Question, Explore, and Dream. How would you visualize these words?

* The work should include the NPR logo."

I thought it was also fitting for Illustration Friday's theme this week, enough. Even this alien can't get enough of the Earthlings' radio. Especially the NPR programming!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Calendar Project for NPR

NPR recently contacted me with an invitation to participate in their 2009 calendar. The production manager wrote, "Your illustrations in the Directory of Illustration were delightful, with their whimsy and textures." Nice to know that my page in the Directory is getting noticed and advertising is paying off...well, sort of...

NPR invited me to contribute an illustration. It's not a paying job, but it will promote my artwork to the 10-18,000 listeners that will receive the calendar. They will also send me 200 calendars of my own to distribute. My name, bio and contact information will be next to my artwork in the calendar. Advertising begets advertising!