Friday, April 30, 2021

May 2021 Reading Challenge: It's All About Family

Wife, Husband, Son, and Sisters
Book Family

I picked up Husband of Hitwoman by Jeffrey A. Pitts, which inspired May's reading challenge: It's all about family. For me, this means a group with common ancestry, related by blood or marriage. Perfect timing since Mother's Day is coming up this month--happy Mother's Day to all the loving moms and grandmas out there! Keep up the good work. Dad's day follows shortly after, so I'll throw out an early happy Father's Day to all the awesome dads and grandpas, too!
I'm determined to read what I already have on my shelves, so no library books, no thrift store finds, and no online shopping for this one. Here's my book family for the month:



"Love the people God gave you,
because he will need them back someday."
by The Rustic Buckle Co. at Etsy