Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Illustration Friday: Opposites


Illustration Friday's theme this week is opposites. This image has a dry brushed background with paper collage elements. It was scanned and digital effects were added in Photoshop.

I had already started this image for my very good friend, who I'll refer to as SPF 500. She has very light skin and sunburns easily. Years of abuse with a combination of genetics perhaps, has caused her several doctor visits to have cancerous skin removed. It's frightening to hear the word cancer and I get scared for her even though I don't show it. So I created a fun image to let her know I care and to remind her to stay cool in the shade...or put on her SPF 500 sunblock!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Studio Friday: Art Studio Sidekicks

The challenge: "My post included my puppy and I received all kinds of cool comments of artists describing their four legged companions. I'd LOVE to see pictures of all of their companions! So how about Art Studio Sidekicks?

Princess B.B. on Her Throne

And Then Everything Went White...

Ah...my sweet animaniacs. Their personalities are so cute, intriguing and fun. I love to watch them, play with them, snuggle. BB (ahem, Princess BB) is a big girl and likes to eat. She goes nuts for chocolate and will get into anything wrapped or unwrapped. One time I found her digging in my commuter bag, fanging the halloween candy I had planned taking to work that day. Another time she got so fat (eating the neighbor cat's food) that she weighed 17 pounds and couldn't lick her privates! The vet gave me butt wipes until she could loose the weight. I think the neighbor cat moved, because BB lost 5 pounds and looks good! BUT, now I find her eating out of the dog food bowl! She begs and screams when it's hours before her dinner time! These are only her shortcomings. There are good things too...but since she just scratched me, I won't mention them. Hmmphf!

Hannah on Squirrel Patrol

Gathering Intelligence!

Sweet Hannah Banana was a pound puppy. I saved her and she saved me. My first dog and oh-so-sensitive and loving. She has so much love to give that she wishes she were velcro. She can't get close enough, be pet enough, or hear cooing enough. She gets really attached to people and cries when she sees them again. She's so emotional! She's also very smart and is trying to communicate with us through dog food braille. She spells out things on the living room carpet and waits for us to read her messages...but we're too dumb to figure it out. I just pick it up and put it back in her bowl. Maybe it's a secret message regarding the squirrels...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Studio Friday: View From Above
Inspire Me Thursday: Numeral Art

Current Studio Floor Plan

Studio Friday challenge: "Amazing what things you see everyday look like from above. It just got me thinking "what would my desk look like from above?" I have a feeling I would find some inspiration somewhere in there!" -Michelle.

Inspire Me Thursday challenge: Lately, numbers have held a lot of meaning for me…as my children grow, I grow, and years add on…numbers always seem to have a way of finding themselves ever-present. So for this weeks challenge, create a piece of art using numbers that are present in your life.
I am thinking about moving my sewing area from the basement up to my small art space and combining my supplies. Both work areas have equal pros and cons, one is big and dark, the other is tiny and light! This week's challenge, View From Above, turned out to be the perfect opportunity for measuring the tiny studio space and my sewing components to see if I can squeeze it all in comfortably. I measured everything, scaled it to letter size paper, created a pattern and cut out paper replicas.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Illustration Friday: Sacrifice

The Chosen One

How gleeful this little flower is to be the chosen one, oblivious to the beheaded stems clutched in the girl's opposite hand.

When I walked into my studio today, I decided to work simply and not overthink my image. At the start, I didn't really have a strong idea. However, during the process of cutting and gluing the story developed and told itself! A terror in the garden!

To create the background I painted on acrylics with a dry brush. Then I cut paper, inked in some details, scanned, and digitally added lights and shadows in Photoshop.

“Trouble with mice is you always kill 'em.” ― John SteinbeckOf Mice and Men

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday: Image Transfers

Simple Style

The tape transfer went very smoothly and was much different than I expected. The great thing about jumping right in to explore, is it gave me some great ideas! I didn't think too much about the outcome and just went for it. Fun! Things I would change if I did this again: I'd put actual pattern pieces or instructions underneath the tape transfer to show off it's transparency and I'd use my sewing machine to embellish. I'll have to keep this in mind for future projects! Thanks Inspire Me Thursday, for the great tutorial!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Studio Friday: 7 Layer Salad
Illustration Friday: Skyline

The challenge: "...using 7 layers to produce a piece of art."
In other words, feel free to use all sorts of materials like paints, paper, fabrics and such to build 7 layers, thus creating a unique texture or piece of art. Idea sponsored by Jo.

Home and the City

I decided to combine challenges from both Illustration Friday and Studio Friday since one offered the theme and the other the process. I used multiple layers in creating this all paper collage image. There are so many here that I can't keep track: glue, paper, paint, glue, paper, paint, more glue...well, you get the idea!

Home and the City version 2

After several hours away from this, I came back and decided to add a white picket fence. I felt it needed a bit more to better show the separation from the country and the city. Oh yeah, and I added a door knob!

Illustration Friday: Sticky

Tape Ball Man

When I saw the theme for Illustration Friday this week, I knew I had to bring Tape Ball Man to life. I've had a trading card series on my mind for several months. It first started out as roommate trading cards and is now morphing into circus freak trading cards. This one is dedicated to my house-mate, Scotty Potty. The text reads:

Who's sticky, big, and
there when you need...
picking up friends with
gath'ring speed?

It's the Tape Ball Man
rolling towards you.
When he gets close, you'll...
stick like glue.