Stacia Leigh and Tilly Bean

Stacia Leigh grew up in the Flathead Valley and is a graduate of Montana State University. She currently resides in the Seattle area with two cherrier-huahua mutts, two voracious readers, and one Star Wars nerd.

Tilly Bean and Tango "The Rug"
Let's Ride!

Stacia's accolades include: 
Second place winner - 2013 PNWA Literary Contest - Childrens Book Genre
Finalist - 2015 PNWA Literary Contest - Young Adult - Dealing with Blue
Finalist - 2016 PNWA Literary Contest - Young Adult - Riding with the Hides of Hell
Finalist - 2016 PNWA Literary Contest - Middle Grade
Finalist - 2016 PNWA Nancy Pearl Book Award - Genre - Dealing with Blue

She enjoys writing what she loves to read, romance that's light on the angst and heavy on the fun.

If you would like to correspond, please visit her Facebook page, or write to stacialeigh at espialdesign dot com.

Sir Tango