Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ginger's Memories...

Ginger's Memories

Not just an empty box, "Ginger's Memories" is quite full! I created this collage box to capture memories for Ginger's 40th birthday party, themed Back in Black. Guests brought items to include, such as matchbooks and coasters, a banana comb straight from the 80s, the Back in Black album by AC/DC, pictures, postcards from Ginger's many travels, and pertinent aging quotes.

A Collage Box

I tore a map of Rome and newspaper pages into strips and adhered with medium gel gloss. After it was dry, I sponge painted over the strips with brown and black acrylic paints, then decorated with stickers and die cut shapes. I sealed everything in place with another coat of medium gel gloss, giving it a smooth finish. I lined the box with maps from Prague and Budapest. I'm sure Travel Girl has a lot of memories to store so this box should get lots of use.

Happy Birthday, Ginger!

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