Monday, February 07, 2011

Color Acuity Test

Instead of working on my very important project, I wandered down internet lane in discovery of more information about the eyes' rods and cones. I wanted to leave a pithy comment on Andrew Finnie's post regarding this subject, but instead, lost myself in a hue test at

I'm happy to report that from the range 0 being perfect color acuity to 99 being pretty low...I got a whopping 7! Apparently, I have a minor deficiency in the aqua range...which if funny, because aqua is my favorite color. I love what I don't know, apparently.

Take the test and feel those rods vibrate!


Andrew Finnie said...

Aha Stacia :) well I'm off to have the test now :) Thankyou for that link. I think my chances of a seven are pretty minimal, I see black and white pretty good though :)

How is the writing going?
Actually Mach bands are pretty interesting for artists.

The colours in that colour test make good colour chords/

Stacia said...

I've mailed my manuscript to the grant committee, to an agent, and to the conference consultation committee.

While that's cooking, I'm going to work on my portfolio.

Stacia said...

I took this test again, six years later, and scored a two, zero being perfect. Whoot! Getting better with age :) Or is it my laptop screen? Who knows. Still a problem in the aqua range, though.