Young Adult FINALIST 2016 PNWA Literary Contest

"It's always trouble with you."
While grieving the death of his mom, sixteen-year-old Will Sullivan drinks, drives, and lands his butt in the hospital, lucky to be alive. Enter his dad’s buddies from the H.O.H. Motorcycle Club with big ideas about biker therapy, as in get ready to ride. Unfortunately, Will is teamed up with the prez’s daughter, the troublesome Miki, and playing passenger on her bike is gearing up to be the ultimate nightmare.

"Hop on!"
Miki Holtz isn’t some bubblegum-chewing high schooler who only cares about her blue hair and the chips in her nails. She wants to be a mechanic and to make a connection with her soul crush, Will Sullivan. Yeah, her speed is fast, and his is slow. She’s a mover and a shaker while he’s oddly attached to his floral couch. Will had better get ready for change, because if he’s riding on the back of her bike, he’ll need to hang on tight. Hell, yeah!

"I don't like the way you like me."
The easy ride takes a turn when a bad decision is made, and their vengeful rivals take notice from the shadows.

Burnout is an adventure story set in the Pacific Northwest where a strong girl and a moody boy discover love while trying to survive on a road trip from hell.

**Previously published as Riding with the Hides of Hell, a Young Adult FINALIST in the 2016 PNWA Literary Contest**


Young Adult FINALIST 2015 PNWA Literary Contest
Genre FINALIST 2016 PNWA Nancy Pearl Book Award

“Name your price, Suzy Blue. Everyone’s got one.”
Life used to be “normal” until Suzy Blue moves in with her mom, a hoarder. Then things turn secretive and claustrophobic. So when the charming neighbor boy, J.J. Radborne, wants to strike a deal, Suzy accepts. All he needs is a pretend girlfriend for bonfires, fun, and a possible prom date, and all she needs is driving lessons to get out of this town...for good.

“You’re making a huge mistake, J.J.”
So says Gemma, J.J.’s ex-girlfriend. She’s turning up the heat in a confusing mind game, and J.J. knows exactly who to team up with: Suzy Blue. She’s cute, convenient, and even sorta funny. She has this great laugh and—more importantly, Gemma’s already jealous. Hey, she started it; he’s just playing along. So, yeah. Suzy…perfect. Now, if she’d only cooperate.

Dealing with Blue is a small town love story set in the Pacific Northwest. It’s about a strong girl and a bad boy peeling back the layers to discover what’s true.

**FINALIST Young Adult 2015 PNWA Literary Contest**
**FINALIST Genre 2016 PNWA Nancy Pearl Book Award**