Thursday, April 20, 2006

Renewing Creative Energy

Here's a list of things to do to keep the creative energy flowing. When you're dealing with brain block, it's time to trigger artistic idea flow by trying a few of these:

Seek, Expose, Explore
* See things differently (pay attention to details and see the big picture)
* See different things (travel, take a walk, see a movie)
* Learn (take a class, study a subject)
* Get out of the comfort zone (do something out of the ordinary)
* Break rules, push boundaries (artistically speaking of course!)
* Brainstorm (make word associations, lists, create think links)

Creative Imersion
* Take the first step (pick up that pencil or glue stick)
* Practice (get the feel for it)
* Research (review other artists' work)
* Awareness (keep reminders nearby)
* Set goals (track time and progress)
* Join others with similar interests (like Illustration Friday, GAG, SCBWI, etc.)

Set the Mood
* End distractions (or if needed, get distracted!)
* Visualize (see your accomplishments and goals)
* Get organized (clean out the cobwebs)
* Starting ritual (coffee or tea, a favorite song?)
* Exercise (get the blood flowing)

If anyone has additions to this list or examples on how they stay creative or renew their energy, please share!

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Monica said...

This is a great post. I'll add that when I need creative inspiration, I look at beautiful artwork or photographs. Sometimes a color story, an object, or a texture gives me an idea.