Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Illustration Friday: Total

Girls Night Out
"In total control!"

Girls Night Out started as a seed idea for Illustration Friday's word communicate before I dropped off the illustration planet for several weeks. Life happens! Now I'm back and have decided to finish Girls Night Out for Illustration Friday's word this week, total.

Each girl in the image represents one of the four basic temperaments as identified by Hire Success. The cast in order of appearance:
Type "C" personality, or details, details, is an analytical thinker that likes consistency, factual information, and precision. They are thoughtful and loyal people that like to figure things out.

Type "B" personality, or the Socializer, loves to party, be the center of attention, and perform for others with their high energy. They are positive and outgoing!

Type "D" personality, or always there when you need them, is a great listener and supportive of others. They have great compassion, which draws people to them, as does their happy and balanced outlook.

Type "A" personality, or the leader, is a strong person that takes risks while deligating to others in their efforts to lead the flock. They like to share their ideas and then move on!


Chrissie A said...

Great concept, lovely illustration--nice job!

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Very fun! Nice work!

Janice Ykema said...

appreciate the total surrender to having a good time.... Go girls GO! :)

Mike said...

Nice picture, I know how women can be on those night outs...and you showed it very well in your illustration, great job.

Linda said...

Beautiful character development. Partay!

Darcey said...

I like the idea... total was a hard word to illustrate. I love the difference in all four women.

tusen said...

clever idea. And great way to illustrate differences. I especially like the Socializer.

studio lolo said...

excellent idea and illo! You GO girls!!