Friday, April 27, 2007

Inspire Me Thursday: Words
Studio Friday: Seven Deadly Sins (Gluttony)

Inspire Me Thursday challenge: "This week, let’s take a look at words. Words found in the pages of a book, on a sign, in a handwritten note. Let the words inspire you..."

On Inspire Me Thursday's website this week was a blurb about The Visual Dictionary, which has photographs of signage, ads, and other things. This reminded me of the photos we took while in Prague several years ao. We laughed quite heartily at the two below. Indeed, these are inspiring!

Sign for Ice Cream Shoppe

Ad for Sausage Brand

Studio Friday challenge: "Gluttony is the excess of eating or drinking. What are you gluttonous about while in your studio?"


Gluttony is my third monster representing the Seven Deadly Sins (see them all here). The photographs above inspired me to create Gluttony...a combination of Cream & Dream and shoving food into one's mouth set the tone.

I try not to bring little snackie things into my studio, but sometimes they find their way there. Small sweet or salty treats are hard to resist!


Unknown said...

that is me...a hungry hungry hippo!! lol i know he isn't a hippo he just reminded me of that game! i love it. so fun, i think this would be a fantastic sign outside a candy shop!

carra said...

The sausage ad is hilarious!!! *lol* And I love the gluttony painting. That could be me, I love icecream and chocolate... ;) What a great idea to work with the 7 deadly sins.

chris chua said...

haha...that gluttony monster is soo funny! Looking forward for your next one!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like your gluttony monster! The signs made me laugh!