Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Studio Friday: 3 Wishes

The challenge: If you had a magic wand what 3 creative issues would you solve? Maybe they are space issues that you are experiencing in your studio or issues about creating itself?

Three Wishes

The first thing I dream about is space...a lot more space than what I have now. Good lighting is a must too. Natural light during the day and efficient lighting for the evenings. I also dream about a variety of creative supplies. Enough to choose from and inspire creative exploration. If I had a fourth wish, I'd have nice furniture allowing for perfect organization.

Three Wishes was inpsired by Gilbert Ford's work. I just became familiar with his style while looking through UC Berkeley's Centennial Edition of California magazine (issue March/April 2007). After I saw his image in the magazine, I was inspired to just draw, using a ball point pen. This is a good way of not getting hung up on mistakes and to go with the flow.

I'm currently away from my home studio and all my supplies (computer and Wacom tablet included). I drew the image in pen on a piece of scratch paper (printed on one side) and took a digital picture of it. The flash accentuated the printed side causing it to show through on my image side. I did have access to a laptop that had Photo Effects and a roller-ball mouse. What a challenge coloring the image with a roller-ball mouse!

The exploration of creating in a new environment with new materials and different tools allowed for a completely different style to emerge. Very different than my usual digital collage. A refreshing change!


Anonymous said...

I love this drawing and how improvising pushes you in new ways!

Marcia said...

I wouldn't have known this was an improvisation or that it was digitally colored! Very cute...this must be what's really happening in our brains. I kinda like the lines showing through.