Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Last Studio Friday: Highlight(s)

The challenge: "If you had to pick one highlight of your work what would it be? You might also think about the highlight of your day when you have time to be in your studio, your creative space...? Over the past years has there been a very specific highlight for you?"

A Chocolate Solution

My current highlight is my illustration from March 2006 called, A Chocolate Solution as it is the reason Tormont Publishers recently contacted me. I'm working on illustrations for a cookie tin using A Chocolate Solution as the starting point. I'll be changing the chocolates to cookies for their project.

I think my favorite career highlight as an illustrator has to be my 60+ image exhibit at Sequoia Hospital's art corridor. I sold many pieces, donated a few to different charities, and received many compliments about my work.


Anke Martin said...

Uhhhhuhhh, that looks soooo delicious! We definitely have to stay in touch somehow, I will stop by at your place once in while to see what you are up too! Smiles, Anke ;)

susan said...

yummy and low calorie! No wonder they contacted you. Having an art show must have been a wonderful thrill.