Tuesday, November 30, 2010

They Draw and Cook Contest Entry
Illustration Friday: Savour

Flip Flop's Savory Flapjacks

I heard about the They Draw and Cook Contest today and thought I would hurry and get something done before the 9 pm PST deadline. I gnawed over pumpkin soup ideas, hot chocolate recipes, crepes...then finally, my favorite, pancakes!

I started this image at around 2:00 pm when I put the girls down for a nap...and worked straight through until 8:55 pm PST. Thankfully, hubby was amenable to getting dinner for himself and the girls. I was in my groove.

My hand has a cramp and I'm getting a slight headache from slouching over my computer non-stop...but I think I'll survive. It was a good test of endurance.

This also works with Illustration Friday's theme this week, savour! Love it when that happens.


k.h.whitaker said...

very cute Stacia!

Janet Dibbydabby.com.au said...

Thisi s lovely, so much detail too, no wonder you had a cramp.... Well done

Rabbit Town Art said...

Wow...I can certainly commiserate working hunched over the computer for long amounts of time. The work is lovely! Love the lil Flap Jack like character in the apron and am glad you were able to kill two birds with one stone too!