Saturday, May 28, 2011

Creative Cup Challenge: Character of the Week 001


Meet Tyaisha, the character of the week. She is a 10 year old black American girl, wears glasses, but doesn't like them. She loves cats and is fascinated by bugs. She's an introvert and doesn't have a lot of friends. Her favorite thing to wear is a casual hoodie with capri pants. She lives with her single mother in an apartment.

"Where's my hair? Where are my legs?"

Freaky Fingers

It has not escaped my attention that I didn't put glasses on Tyaisha. I tried it on one sketch and she looked like a bug. So I thought to go ahead and draw her without, and maybe add them in when I do this a wise approach? Or am I flirting with disappointment?

She loves cats, but living in an apartment, I'd think her mother would say 'no' to pets. So Tyaisha shares her adoration by wearing cat shirts. She's toting a bug carrier in the first sketch...and probably has a magnifying glass and butterfly net somewhere in her repertoire of bug tools. Naturally, her capri pants are also cargo style...great for holding bug bait and gummi worms.

To help find poses for this assignment, I surfed Very helpful!

Would love a critique. Lay it on me. I know hands and feet are my weakness.


Andrew Finnie said...

Hey Stacia, I like these much better than the one on CC, everything is very natural, the poses are good, it's great idea getting those poses from getty images. I especially like the one where she is sitting looking up at the bug catcher.

You made me laugh with where is my hair, where are my legs!

There must be a good source for hand pics somewhere on the web!

If you feel hands are a weakpoint maybe you should start with the hands first then everything else second?

Andrew Finnie said...

ahh google images 'hands' brings up a wealth of pics