Saturday, July 16, 2011

Altered Book - Project 2

Today's Special

Project #2 was inspired by a discussion I had with a friend who was annoyed by her date telling the waitress she'd be "well compensated" for her extra attention. It made me think of other things a waitress or waiter would be annoyed by, that person that needs special attention, for example. A single customer can cause a lot of additional running around.

Today's Special (Detail)

I layered the original page with a coat of gesso, brushed on magenta acrylic paint, and spritzed with my walnut ink. I also used the ink on the bottom of my coffee mug to make coffee rings...though I do think they are way to dark. I'm not sure how to lighten them up effectively. I perused fonts at My Fonts and found one under the search of "diner" called Coffee Service. I used this for the title of the piece on top of one of my favorite collage scraps, the paper doily!

As a last minute detail, I added the aqua stripes that I smeared with brown stamping ink. I think it really pulled the piece together, giving it a more diner like feel.

For all you Big Lebowski fans...The Dude: "That rug really tied the room together."

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