Friday, December 02, 2011

The Scowling Mermaid

"It meant so much."
Traditional Collage

I'm taking a break from digital work for a bit while I explore my traditional collage roots. I love getting my hands dirty and seeing actual textures, patterns, and layers working together. I was inspired by the artist Cindy Wunsch, who was featured in the latest Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. She uses memorabilia in her artwork and I have boxes of it that would love to see the light of day.

My current project is using letters that my grandmother wrote to me. I read them, I wept, I remembered her. It was an emotional process but a well of inspiration all the same. Seeing her script in the background will keep her memory close to my heart. Miss you, Myrtle!

Recycled: toner copied worksheet from high school memorabilia, magazine paper, greeting card text, and canvas covered cardboard from hard bound book.

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