Thursday, November 01, 2012

Square Bears

Square Bears
Dog, Panda Bear and Heart
Project 47 and 48 of 365

The girls missed a birthday party their friend was having at Build-a-Bear in the mall last weekend, so I thought a fun project could be to build our own! I looked up some easy ideas on Pinterest and found some stuffies called Square Bears. Cute and easy! A great way to recycle those ribbon strands, fabric scraps and left over buttons. 

The dog is all new fabric that I've had in my bin for a long while. The plaid ribbon was on a Christmas present last year and I removed the wire, ironed it and stitched it into place. I recycled my dog's old collar tag from our previous address and flipped it over to write "Jack" on the backside, now front.

The panda bear has flower-shaped turquoise buttons that I cut off a ratty pair of kids pants, the ribbon is a sample from my design days at JanSport, Inc., and the fabric pieces are left over quilting scraps that I bought at a garage sale.

I really enjoy that so much history is incorporated into our projects. That dog collar is going to be very sentimental one of these days.

The girls stuffed their animals with pillow bunting from random throw pillows and added celestial hearts that I stitched together for added measure.

Two more square bears are in the works...a green cat and a rusty red rabbit.

Check out these sites for other ideas:

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