Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Great News from PNWA

Part of the PNWA Literary Contest process included two critiques by the finalist judges. I forgot about that until I received a surprise in the mail this past weekend. I read and re-read the reviewers' comments, and I'm pretty sure I glowed.

Each judge gave me 49 out of 50 points!

It's just the kind of pat-on-the-back I needed to move forward. I've read editing books and made all the edits that I can. I've had multiple eyes reviewing and critiquing my manuscript. I've labored and worried; I'm finally ready to move on.

Yesterday, I created my query letter, and today, I sent my baby out into the world. I've reviewed several agents and made a list.

Sending it out and finally letting it go...a weird and wonderful feeling. I've done my best, and now, it's time to focus on editing book #2 and finishing the rough draft for book #3.

Camp NaNoWriMo couldn't  have come at a better time. Here comes July!

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