Thursday, May 05, 2016


This week a lot of things happened, so I decided to stick with the "currently" theme. Here goes:

1. As far as my writing goes, my second book, which is Will's story, is now in the hands of Bev "Editrix" Rosenbaum, an independent developmental editor. I can't wait to read her notes when she's done since I'm anticipating a rave review with, "It's perfect the way it is! Don't change a thing." LOL. I guess you could say, I might not be emotionally ready for reality. Oh, well. For now, the view from cloud nine is pretty good.

2. I found two very cool things in my garden--I'm a fair-weather gardener, so I get surprised a lot. The first is this cool camouflage-looking moth, which turns out to be a Comstock's Sallow:

In Stealth Mode

Lichen-like Camouflage

3. Also in my garden, the poppy bud from my previous post bloomed. Boom! Red goodness. This is a rare occurrence since we have deer, rabbits, moles, and other critters that nibble on my greens. 

The Flower of Remembrance

4. I like to read multiple books at a time to keep me on my toes. For middle grade, I picked up The Call of the Wild by Jack London. It was l-o-n-g ago when I read it, and I have to say, I'm probably loving it more the second time around. I can appreciate the action, danger, and fast pace. It has truly stood that test of time (it was published in 1903), especially in this digital age where getting into a story needs to be fast and with constant hooks to keep readers engaged. I'm reading a paperback version, which I prefer, and the line illustrations add to the experience. I highly recommend!

5. Writer's research the craziest things when they're finding inspiration for characters or their story plot. Here's a coffee mug picture that says it all:

While researching book #2,  I'd written a list of ailments on a sticky note and stuck it to my desk. It read: lacerated spleen, broken arm, concussion. My husband pointed to it and asked, "Should I be worried?" Yes...I mean no. LOL. It's all part of research, my dear. I also looked up food poisoning, the drug Rohypnol, and joined a forum where I could ask a biker anything. Fascinating.

I'm starting book #3 and began wondering about color blindness, or rather, color vision deficiency. If you have it, how does it affect your life? Last night I found a very cool website on this subject called Color Blind Awareness. Pretty interesting stuff out there!

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