Saturday, October 29, 2016

Still in Formatting Hell

I posted a big ol' whine fest earlier about my formatting woes with regards to the Holy Mess Fest that is Amazon's "Look Inside The Book" feature. My .mobi files look pristine in the Kindle Previewer and on Calibre. So without taking hours, days, weeks of my time to shoot in the dark, I chose to start over.

I took my formatted text and exported it into TextEdit. Then I copied and pasted this "cleansed" version back into a brand new Pages document and went about reformatting the whole damn (pardon my swearing) thing again...with italics, bold, indents, justification, table of contents, and inserting my image.

Here's what I got after the eight hour turn around from the time I uploaded the new file onto KDP to the time it's published and visible to the public and moi (ahem - it was actually four hours of waiting this time):

"What's with the spacing, yo?"
"Look Inside The Book" (LITB) on Amazon

Now, I'm wondering if the image could be causing the problem? It's my next attempt at fixing this dismal rendering of my ebook! When I published Dealing with Blue, I did not have these problems (tired of me grumbling yet?)--I set up the manuscripts in the same way, so I'm confused at what the problem could be. Is it me? Or is it Mac Pages? Or is it Amazon?

* Riding with the Hides of Hell had a title change and is now called Burnout.

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