Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Currently: A List of Lucky Things

Currently, it's March! I can finally relax with all the hearts and love stuff and start thinking about hard work and fortune. Bring on the good luck, I say. I'm not Irish, so I don't celebrate St. Paddy's day, drink green beer, worry about mischievous leprechauns, or chase rainbows. I do try to wear green in case there's a hold-over who thinks butt pinching is okay. And yes I know, St. Paddy's day isn't until March 17; I'm just sharing.

That's right...should not.

Okay, so back to the lucky stuff. I went on a search and gather mission to see what I have tucked around the house...and of course, I had to make a list.

2.) Lucky cards (8)
3.) Jade turtle
4.) Iron piggy bank
5.) A Great Blue Heron
6.) Ladybug
7.) Wishbone
8.) Elephant
9.) Lucky dice (7)
10.) Lucky coin
11.) Fortune
12.) Horseshoe nails
13.) Iron key
14.) Arrowhead
15.) Color green

But, HOLD THE PHONE. I just read that it's the year of the "fire" rooster and according to Chinese astrology, I'm a rooster, this is my birth year, and luck MAY NOT be on my side. Say what? My whole lucky blog post is getting shot out of the water.


Time to reverse this...back to the basics. "Magic 8 Ball, will 2017 be a lucky year for me?" [Yes. Definitely.]

Okay, good. Carry on.

"Luck is believing you're lucky."

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