Friday, March 01, 2019

March 2019 Reading Challenge: Kismet!

Kismet: fate; destiny; the will of God.

Recently, my kids and I were at our local thrift store, shopping for books, when my daughter pointed down the row and said, "Look, Mom! It's your book." Out of all the books showing off their spines, mine--with its original cover--sat face forward on the shelf as seen in the picture I took below. 

Talk about kismet. 

So for March's reading challenge I pulled together a list of reads that somehow spoke to me or seemingly came my way as though it were "meant to be."

The Kismet Pile

1.)  The Raft by S. A. Bodeen - I had this one in hand at the thrift store before seeing my book sitting face out on the shelf. "It is your destiny." ~ Darth Vader

2.) Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson - A spontaneous purchase after listening to the author's sales pitch online. I bought it, so I guess I should read it, too.

3.) The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang - I've been eyeballing this book ever since it hit the shelves but the trope didn't really call to me. When I saw it on the "Choice Reads" table at the library, I picked it up. Free read, great cover, and a great first sentence. Good start.

4.) Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin - A friend gifted this one to my little bookworm, who loved it. Personally, I wouldn't have looked at it twice - judging books by covers, yadda, yadda - but when my kid recommends a read, I listen.

5.) Tisha by Robert Specht and Anne Purdy - This book has been kicking around for a spell, Montana speak meaning one copy was on my mom's bookshelf probably since 1976, the copyright date. Another copy was found at my grandma's and was later bequeathed to me. *shrugs* Popular book in my family...guess I should check it out.
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