Friday, May 24, 2019

On the Production Line: BIG heart corner-bookmarks!

Packaging Completed!
Top: "Just My Type" and "Happiness is Coffee"
Bottom: "Love Bees" and "Adventure Awaits"

The corner-bookmark factory of one--that's me, thankyouverymuch--is back in production mode! The Doodlebug Design paper and die cuts I ordered arrived and did their trick. I was inspired by the cuteness overload. So in between writing, camping, and worrying about everyone's health in my family (a quagmire of cancer, congestive heart failure, hip replacement surgery, and even the common cold), I decided to find some kind of outlet. Picking at my fingernails and staring at the floor doesn't really accomplish much as it turns out. Plus, the fingernails are in short supply--pun intended. So...paper therapy.

As the stash of heart corner-bookmarks grows, I'll list them on Etsy, hide them in Little Free Libraries, or tuck them here and there...whatever. Wherever! Just going to have fun and see what happens, letting my true Sagittarius nature reign.

Here's the latest:

"Just My Type"

"Happiness is Coffee"

"Love Bees"

"Adventure Awaits"


"You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down." ~ Charlie Chaplin (Sagittarius)

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