Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Blackout Poetry Book Pile

Blackout Poetry Books

I interrupt my June Reading Challenge to introduce a stack of blackout poetry books. I've been asked to teach a 5th grade class next week on how to make a #blackoutpoem and ordered some books to share, mine included. Big thanks to @fade.into.a.blackout for the teaching notes and the great read: Finding Light in the Darkness by Michael Nyers. I also particularly loved A Wonderful Catastrophe by Colette Love Hilliard.

I've truly been enjoying Austin Kleon's writing style by reading his motivational series on creativity and art and am currently reading Newspaper Blackout, which includes the history of the blackout poem. So far, really well done.

I did have my reservations starting Hidden Messages of Hope by John Carroll when I cracked open the first page. With credits like squishiepuss, Manleyfunwithrobots, Cummings, DeBenedictis, and Jessica Hunt, I couldn't help but wonder if some kind of pervy word-play ensued. What kind of book did I just buy, again? I looked up the people and their links and everything seemed legit, though coincidental and curious enough. I read on and found the poetry and art, the overall book, delightful.

The two skinny numbers on the right without titles on the spine--*shakes fist* Damn you Amazon!--Well, those are mine. The colorful and whimsical duo known as Sounds Complicated and Distance Between.

I'm happy to be a part of the blackout poetry community and to support this group of artists/poets/authors. I know the fifth grade teacher is excited to learn this process, too, and that's a good start :)

Enjoy the reads!

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