Thursday, February 04, 2021

New at the ESPIALdesign Etsy Shop

The ESPIALdesign Etsy shop has had a busy 2021 so far, shipping orders to Eastern Washington, Alaska, Virginia, and Arizona! The support for my art and my little shop really means a lot, so thanks again, and know that the proceeds will go to funding my next book with editing and proofreading costs. I have to draw, cut, and glue so I can keep writing. A rough life, I know.

Now, it's time to stock those shelves. I had to think twice about selling the alien blackout-poem originals because they're some of my absolute favorites. But then, why keep 'em when they're published in my first book collection, Sounds Complicated? So, I made them a bundle to keep them together and included pictures below. Check them out and stay tuned! There's more to come.

Aliens (set of 4)

 Preparedness 101
"He'd forgotten how to keep his head from popping off in outer space.
Why was he here again?"
My Space

"It meant something good when it was over.
I need my space."

"Careful. Something was in the air...something pitter-pattering like a heart."
It's Complicated

"He ordered a large side of feeling and the avoidance maneuver roll
since they were sharing a can of love."

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