Friday, October 01, 2021

A Fall/Winter 2021 Reading Challenge: BINGO!

By the time October rolls around, we're getting ready for rain, fog, snow, big holidays, boots, and plaid flannel. 'Tis the season to stay warm and cozy under a pile of dogs and blankets. With hot chocolate on one side and an open book on the other, let's settle in for a month or stay through the's time to read until we blackout, literally. It's reading BINGO! 

Need a place to start? Might I suggest heading to your favorite book store, like Powell's in Portland for instance, and ordering a stash of books by Stacia Leigh? Burnout would check the "One-word Title" box, Dealing with Blue would check the "By an Indie Author" box and Hanging Around for You would check the "YA Romance by Stacia Leigh." Sounds Complicated could fill the "FREE" space and Distance Between would check the "Art, Poetry, or Play" square. A quick win with five in a row. But since autumn's just getting started, you might as well keep reading. Another twenty books and you'll hit blackout gold status and be a true champ.

Print the BINGO card if you can, otherwise the list below sums it up...

R1C1: Read a book with a one-word title.
R1C2: Read a book set in the northwest.
R1C3: Find a book you've read in the past and read it again.
R1C4: Read a book someone's recommended to you.
R1C5: Read a picture book.
R2C1: Read a non-fiction book.
R2C2: Read a book by an independent author.
R2C3: Read a book with a number in the title.
R2C4: Read the book sitting at the bottom of your To Be Read pile.
R2C5: Read a book with a blue cover.
R3C1: Read a book from a Little Free Library.
R3C2: Read a book about your dream job.
R3C3: Free to read whatever book you want!
R3C4: Read a holiday story.
R3C5: Read a memoir. Or an auto-biography. Or whatever because rulz are made to be broken.
R4C1: Read a book with a nature setting.
R4C2: Read a book about a different culture.
R4C3: Read a book that's been made into a movie.
R4C4: Read a young adult romance by Stacia Leigh, because Stacia Leigh made the rulz.
R4C5: Read an old classic.
R5C1: Read a science fiction novel or a fantasy.
R5C2: Read a story based on true events.
R5C3: Read something that is scary.
R5C4: Read an award winner: Newbery, Caldecott, National, Best Independent Book Review, etc.
R5C5: Read a book about art, poetry, or read a play.


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