Friday, May 19, 2006

Illustration Friday: Angels & Devils

This image is all paper collage with small painted details and digital effects for shadow and light. Currently I am illustrating each letter of the alphabet in traditional paper collage and have 8 more letters to go. This Illustration Friday project was a nice distraction! I was originally going to name this "Meeting in the Middle" but after I saw it finished, the book title by Douglas Adams, "The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul" came to mind. The name of this image is now, "Tea Time for the Souls."

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Fossfor said...

this made me laugh! i like the way the devil you did is sitting on a sort of stool that came out of the ground and the angel on a swing ;)
seeing your post on renewing creative energy reminded me of a great book i read last year called "the Artists Way" by Julia Cameron, it really helped me when i was going through a long spell of total burn out from my freelance work and made me want to draw again.