Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Illustration Friday: Cake

"Queen of Tarts Eating Hearts" is this week's IF image. It's all paper collage, scanned, with added digital effects in Photoshop, like shadows, light, and small details. Here's my version of the Queen of Hearts nursery rhyme:

The Queen of Tarts
She ate hearts,
Many on a summer's day;
The Knave's heart,
Attracted Queen Tart,
And she ate it clean away.

The King of Hearts
Called for the Tart,
And begged 'til he was sore;
To keep his heart
But the Queen of Tarts,
Vowed she'd still eat more.


Deardeedle said...

I like it. Especially the rich reds and all the texture. Very nice.

Miss Kent said...

wow, your queen is fantastic! Love your style and those tarts look delicious!

lil kim said...

beautiful and great idea! I like the hearts on strings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment. Funny enough , it was your beautiful illustration that made me decide to try the collage technique for a change!