Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Client: Blueyes

Blueyes Logo and Business Card Design

I've taken a small break from my illustrations to work on client projects. I just finished the Blueyes design package for Mindy Harmeyer, a jewelry designer. Her design niche is "modern heirloom"; it's what you wish you found in your grandmother's box of baubles.

Mindy already had a firm idea for her business logo, so I gave it a good polishing, incorporated it into a business card design and also into two different sized product tags, one for necklaces and one for earrings. The two product tags fit nicely into a business card format, which can be cut apart as needed...and saves on printing!

Blueyes Product Tags in Buscard Layout

Baubles by Blueyes
The Stacia necklace with matching earrings

Baubles by Blueyes
The Stacia necklace in detail

Baubles by Blueyes
The Mimi necklace

Baubles by Blueyes
The Mimi Earrings

Mindy and I had an agreement to exchange some of her jewelry creations for my graphic design work. I usually don't do this type of thing, but I love jewelry and just had a sense when I met Mindy, that she had great talent. After I was done with the graphic portion, we met for lunch so I could shop through her collection. So many cute things it was hard to choose. The two necklace/earring sets above were my ultimate favorite that I absolutely adored. It was a real treat to know Mindy named the yellow crystal necklace after me!

If anyone would like to contact Mindy regarding her designs, let me know! I'd be happy to send you her way. Email me at stacia at espialdesign dot com.

Good luck with your upcoming trunk show, Blueyes! I already have my eyes on a bracelet...

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EM said...

Hi, I just received some Blueyes earrings for Christmas and wanted to find out more about them and who made them, so went to the old Google... all I had to go on was your tag in the box, and all Google came up with was your old blog post. Can you point me in this gal's direction, if she has a website or an online store or anything?