Friday, December 21, 2012

Map Time

Town Map
Project 51 of 365

Town Map - detail

I went to the Western Washington Scrapbooking Retreat last October and won a big door prize: a photo album, extra top-loading sheet protectors, 12x12 paper, stickers, ribbon, and double sided tape. How lucky!

Since I don't scrapbook pages for photo albums, I briefly wondered about giving my prize album to someone else. Instead, I had an idea to use the album as a way to organize my fiction writing ideas. I made a couple pages dedicated to interesting first and last names that have potential for sprouting into new characters.

Then...I've always been interested in maps. So after having drawn up the initial pencil sketch for my fictional town, I decided to collage it and make it an official part of my compilation.

Needless to say, I dedicated some serious hours to researching various components for my map, cutting out buildings, getting the streets lined up...and, the biggest time consumer of all, stamping the names with my ultra tiny stamp set I recently bought from Office Depot. I loved it! Tinkering at its best.

Office Depot Stamp Set

Nimble Fingers and Strong Vision Need Apply!

Amazingly enough, I have not lost a stamp yet, although many have sprung off my tweezers and bounced hither and yon around my studio. Thankfully, I have light colored carpet and can spot them somewhat easily.

Now, I can't wait for new characters to move into my fictional town so I can whip out my stamp set and help them get settled. Cray cray, I know.

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