Friday, May 10, 2013

ARC winner!

Yippee! I am very excited to have won an advanced copy of Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley through Goodreads. I am a huge Ashley fan. She writes gritty romances with unique story lines and characters AND started as a self-published author. Even with bad editing, her stories always proved a good read.

Now, I believe she has an editor and has republished her work. Own the Wind is her latest story in a series about a motorcycle club called Chaos. This is the second book to Motorcycle Man.

When the UPS man dropped off the book yesterday, I felt like a dog at the dinner table. Treats! My daughter was so excited for me, that she ran downstairs to draw me an award. It's a gold medal with her initial and mine...and a picture of an open book. What a sweet heart.

Advanced Reading Copy - Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley

Here is my first critique without even opening the book:

Just looking at the cover, my husband asked me, "Is the guy supposed to be a poseur?" I told him the hero was probably a tough biker dude. Husband said, "No tough biker dude would wear shoes like that." I studied the cover a little closer and have to agree! Pants are not worn or frayed enough and the boots are not scuffed. I like the cover layout though. I'm looking forward to cracking this baby open.

Right now I am reading manuscripts by two of my writing buddies. I'll peel back the covers on Ashley's latest hopefully next week.

Looking forward to it.

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