Thursday, July 25, 2013

Done...But Not Quite.

I did it!

Today, I validated my word count with Camp NaNaWriMo. I typed 15,745 for the month of July, meeting my self-inflicted goal of 13,000 words. Goals were met, but expectations were still a little shy. I envisioned a complete final draft and a rough start on the next story's outline.

Word Count Goals Met
Camp NaNoWriMo

But alas, I'm done with my word count, but not done with my story. I'm about four pages from the end; the story closure still needs to be firmed up. 

Funny, how different stumbling blocks happen at different points for different stories! Book One I wrote in sections, rearranged those sections, then went back and agonized over the first chapter, over and over. Book two seemed easy, I wrote an outline, followed the outline and now it's ready for editing. This book, book three, started off easy. I wrote the first seven chapters chronologically - good stuff, too! - then, realized it was going nowhere. I rewrote the first half again...and again. I tried an outline, rewrote, re-outlined, stared into space, meditated and stewed...for months. I tried dreaming about it and forgetting about it. I went to an SCBWI conference and during the sessions, I thought more about it.

Then I had an epiphany! 

I had to rethink where my story was starting, the inciting incident, what my character wanted, and figure out why the story was important for that character right then and there. Back to the beginning.

After much noodling and the convergence with Camp NaNoWriMo, I powered through. Now...four pages from the end and I'm still wondering how to wrap it up. So close to being done...but not quite.

How will Book four work out? Where will the challenge be in that story?

Only writing the words will tell.

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