Tuesday, July 23, 2013

WOTGo for Camp NaNo

Writing On The Go (WOTGo) while participating in Camp NaNoWriMo has been fun! Writing outside has its perks...fresh air, beautiful 360 degree views, and loads of inspiration, meditation, and relaxation. But I guess that all depends on the local.

First, I used our new play structure to do some editing. Nice shade, perfect place to keep the kids occupied, and a flat writing surface. It worked for me!

 New Play Structure at Home
Picnic Table/ New Writing Office behind the climbing wall

Editing Desk

My Outdoor Office!
Complete with Children

Next writing stop was during our camping trip at Crow Butte. Man, it was a scorcher! It hovered around 96 degrees, complete with rattlesnake warnings, and no cell phone coverage unless you hiked up a dry, desert hill. Wouldn't you know, I could receive calls...like my credit card didn't go through to reserve a hotel room in August and my cat was diagnosed with kidney failure while having a kennel stay...But I couldn't make calls. So I had to hike up the hill, keeping an eye out for snakes to make a couple important phone calls. 

Writing inspiration!

Crow Butte Camping Trip
Outdoor Office with my pooch.

Cell Phone Coverage
In the Hills

Conference Room
"I'm frying my brains out in rattlesnake country."

Writing Prompts
Campground Treasures

Today, we're back in Dallesport (The Dalles area) and are enduring the 100 degree heat by having a covered kiddie pool. Once again, kids are kept entertained, I'm kept cool, and I've got a cup of coffee by my side. I'm not that big of a coffee die-hard, but some times writing requires the jolt...hot or cold.

Covered Swimming Pool at the Ready!
Office in Dallesport

Now I must say adieu. It's time to dunk my head.

I'm melting...

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