Sunday, April 24, 2016


Top Pot 5K at Green Lake

It rained. It dumped, then it rained some more. My feet were sopping wet, too, but I plugged into some grunge and walked for my doughnut. I'm sure it was character building (grumble-grumble), and I suppose it did feel good to get out in it. I walked 3 miles and timed in at 57:35. Not winning any races here, but it's good enough for government work. So...okay, I confess. I enjoyed it :)

Unfortunately, the whole "Friday Five" thing is not working out for me because I procrastinate! Here it is, Sunday, and I'm now thinking about what I should have written two days ago. So, let's skip that and explore the "currently" option. Here goes:

1. I love heated seats!
2. I've reached 10,572 steps on my Fitbit
4. I'm listening to Puddle of Mudd on Pandora
5. I'm lounging on the couch with Bean and The Rug instead of editing my manuscript...doh!

All Wrapped Up

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