Friday, September 30, 2016

Fabulous Five: Evidence of Autumn

Last week, September 22, was the official start of fall with crisp mornings, sparkling dew drops, and breath hanging in the air. No rain yet, so the mutts are still eager for their walks. My vintage iPhone 4S may be clunky and slow, but it takes great pictures. Even with Tilly and Tango pulling impatiently on their leashes, a poop bag swinging to and fro, and my shaking while trying to take a one-handed close up...I manage all right. It's definitely an art, getting everything lined up for the perfect shot. "Places, people!"

Fern Fronds

New Salal Leaves...

...Mixed with Old Salal Leaves
A Treasure Map

An Orb Spider Wrapping Up Breakfast...

...for Chow Time

Yesterday, I printed my character photos and pinned them to my story wall. I vacuumed my stairs. I wrote up character sheets to get to know the people in my head. I actually dusted. Now, with picture-taking and walks and coffee out of the way and with procrastination aside, I can get back to book #3. Everything's in its more excuses. I have focus.

Today, I write.

"Procrastination is your body telling you you need to back off a bit
and think more about what you are doing." ~ James Altucher

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