Friday, June 09, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday: Show & Tell Art

"It Was Then That I Understood"

I created this piece to explore a different style of collage, embracing a folk art feel. I usually don't incorporate stamping or text into my art (even though I'm inspired by words). This time I gave it a try.

I used recycled materials, like vellum scraps, old brochure covers,  recycled letter from my mom, and magazines.

It's simple and I enjoyed the process, which sometimes I forget to do while I'm busy being a perfectionist. It was also nice to have a piece not finished on the computer.


firstborn studio said...

most delightful!

Teri said...

It's wonderful! I love how you used so many things in the creation of this lovely piece.

Must be birds in the air as I have a bird in mine also!

arvindh said...

Yes, the folk art feel looks great!

Heartful said...

Lovely! It's great to have an insight into an artist's processes, what a great topic this week.

Monica said...

This is so sweet! Wonderful!

Unknown said...

This is fabulous!!! I've been dabbling in some bird art myself. V. inspiring. It turned out great!