Friday, June 09, 2006

Studio Friday: Favorite Supplies

Mag Basket

When I pick up a magazine, I flip through it to check for it's texture worthiness. In other words, does it have lots of pretty pictures for collaging? I almost never buy a magazine to read (unless I'm stuck at the airport). My favorite type of magazines are the women's fashion mags, like W, Cosmo, and Glamour...and store catalogs like Pottery Barn and Bloomingdales.

Bud Box Filing System

Every once in a while I need to purge the mag basket to make room. I tear out the pages I want to keep and organize them in my Budweiser Filing Box. Some collage categories include: skin & hair (and feathers and fur), nature (wood, grass, etc.), fabric, patterns, and textures. Having this system helps save on time when I'm creating a piece. Although, I often go the long route and flip through magazines for texture ideas and inspiration.

Studio Space

I have a very small corner on our sun porch where I store my supplies and sometimes work. I have another area where I keep my computer, and another area still, where I have my sewing. A lot of times I drag my magazines, glue stick, and scissors to the living room so I can collage while watching TV. I feel like I have lots of room to work AND not enough room to work, all at the same time!


Unknown said...

Excellent! I love the idea of collaging.

Abbie said...

I do the same thing with catalogs and magazines!
Great box! :) Abbie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I love magazines too, and buy piles of them at thrift stores to save money. I have a filing system too, but no porch - it looks so lovley!

lindaharre said...

Love this little space. i am like you.........i have a sewing area, studio space and computer in a completely different space! all over the house...tee hee!